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The British rally forum has grown from strength to strength over the past years with now over 20,000 users. It has become a focus point and on-line community for many rally enthusiasts to discuss a wide range of topics.

This however means that the running cost have increased due to the website serving over 8,000 unique visitors every day. In order to keep the forum free for users we have provided the opportunity for businesses to sponsor the website. In return you will have prime advertising space for 6 months.

British Rally now has 3 million page views per month, and this figure keeps growing and growing therefore you can be sure that your advert will be displayed around millions of times in the six months meaning our advertising is EXTREMELY good value for money.

There are various sizes of banners available at various costs which will be on display throughout the website.



There are 4 sizes of sponsorship adverts available in an attempt to provide something for all sizes of business.

768 x 60
468 x 60

120 x 240
120 x 240
120 x 90
120 x 90
120 x 60
120 x 60

The banner sized 768 x 60 is on a random rotation, therefore your advert will not be displayed all the time.

Banner Design Service:
If you do not have a banner or would like something designing which is eyecatching and professional simply contact us for details. Typically this would cost between £20-£40.

Please note that the banners have to be static and we cannot accept animated banners because this is very distracting for forum users while reading and writing posting.


Banners are allocated on a first come first serve basis and require payment in full before banner is displayed. If you are interested in advertising with any of the banners, outlined above. Please contact us with full details. (please include banner your interested in, your full details, include file of banner if you have one made, or indicate that you would like us to create you one)

We can accept payment via PAYPAL or Cheque.

Contact or

Please note that this is a non refundable sponsorship due it contributing towards non refundable hosting services.

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