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Nissan SR16VE RWD converted engine

Nissan SR16VE RWD converted engineNO IMAGE
Category: Rally Car Parts » Engines
Condition: New
Price: 5500
Location: Wales » Ceredigion
Contact: Sparcoxs



I have for sale an SR16Ve engine that has already been converted onto a RWD SR20Det block.

Recently built and put together by Lebdwith Racing over in Ireland.

Full build with all new genuine Nissan bearings & mating the FWD VVL head to the RWD SR20Det block with all required machining work

Block bored to 87mm
CP Pistons
1600cc VVL crank
1600 VVL rods
Standard Valve Train
VZR cams
Metal head gasket
New VVL water pump
G-Spec adjustable cam gears
Mazworx solenoid re-location kit
Mazworx RWD VVL Oil pump
Jenvey Throttle bodies with filter,injectors (requirse inlet manifold)

Also have the standard injection system sitting in the shed as well as an S14 gearbox.

All built using Mazworx & G-Spec components for the RWD conversion.

The ultimate 1600 engine that in standard form pushes 180bhp,
Brian at Ledwith Racing has all the knowledge and kit to complete the setup etc of this engine.

Many brand new components imported from America for the RWD conversion as well as bearings,rings,water pump, lightweight pulleys, gaskets, pistons etc

Sadly time has seen my project go on forever and desire to complete it has gone & shell sold.

Any reasonable offers welcome. Will be a very competitive engine in the right hands or just a solid reliable Jap engine for a road going car.

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