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cosworth transmission parts

cosworth transmission partsNO IMAGE
Category: Rally Car Parts » Gearbox & Transmission
Condition: New
Location: England » Essex
Contact: atmsport ltd


rear plated 7 1/2" rear diff with ZF LSD unit £1250
quaife big tooth cosworth MT75 gear box £2500
1 x new tarmac GPA upright ,rear 7 1/2" diff with plated ZF lsd 3.6 ratio , alloy WRC TCA complete , WRC comp struts complete ,a pair,WRC front top mounts , , QUAIFE front LSD diff with big casing , GPA front driveshafts (std diff to GPA outer )WRC steering rack twin rose jointed drumstick kit rear WRC driveshafts complete,044 bosch fuel pumps ,023 bosch fuel pumps ,works alloy twin fuel pump brackets and banjo set all are weld on parts to convert your std car to GPA front or rear roll bar brackets £ 155 chassis mounted engine mounts £ 160 sump gaurd support kit £ 65 R/H black tarmac MAG rear arm ,R/H green gravel MAG rear arm lug mount calipers L/H green gravel MAG rear arm radial caliper mount ,front CWP for 71/2" diff 4.4 ratio ,square rear beam ,GPA alloy top mounts a pair wide track ,sierra GPA alloy top mounts a pair ,WRC /GPA comp struts ,WRC / GPA light weight starter motor ,WRC roof vent complete ,WRC /GPA door mirrors complete with glass ,lower sump guard steel support bar ,alloy sump guard side support brackets ,WRC /GPA front or rear alloy jacking bars from ,WRC tarmac alloy upright wheel bearings ,WRC /GPA alloy upright ,WRC /GPA gravel wheel bearings ,front or rear roll bar kit complete with all parts ,7 1/2" front diff cross shaft ,sierra / sapphire twin roof vent kit ,plastic lower steering colmube bush ,,kevlar sump guard rear gear box extention cover ,rear WRC /GPA stub shaft ,front or rear wheel flange ,WRC /GPA ZF power steering pump,sierra front bearing retainer for alloy upright 2WD ,GPA steel rear adjustable arms complete with rose joints , WRC rear alloy upright steering arms
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