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Rally car available -Free loan!

Rally car available -Free loan!NO IMAGE
Category: Cars & Vehicles » Rally Cars FWD
Condition: New
Location: England » Oxfordshire
Contact: SpeedyGonzales


In essence, if you can keep the vehicle maintained yourself (or pay to get it mended i.e. via a garage) then you can have the vehicle at your place and use it for whatever events you want.

The car is suitable for a variety of club motorsport events up to (and including) Stage Rallying.

Normal rules apply e.g. "you bend it you mend it". This would suit best a person (or several people) who are willing to put the time in to fettling a car (or getting a garage to fettle it) but don't want to pay out to buy a car themselves. I would rather the car was in use and getting developed/improved than sat around doing nothing and potentially deteriorating.

For more info see here:

Car is currently in N.Oxfordshire
West Wales Rally Spares
godspeed motorsport
Demon Tweaks
SM Engineering
spare parts by
Motor Doctor